Why Does Yoga Make Me Cry?

I have always been worried to try yoga, due to my inflexibility. I kept putting it off for years until recently I did my first real class. Way back in the day I pretended to love yoga when I went for a Lululemon interview only to find myself in a group class not knowing what the hell child pose was. (side note: I didn’t get the job) I have read so many great stories about how yoga changed my life and so I thought it’s time I jumped on the bandwagon. 

During my yoga session, I find it hard not to clock watch. I can’t help it. These poses are really hard and I’m always hanging for the end. I feel like some are a bit on the advanced side of things. Like almost breakdance type moves and crazy strength needed. I slowly improve each session and give myself a pat on the back for making it the full hour. I have done your basic yoga classes, I even tried a fly yoga class using silks this week.  It doesn’t seem to matter which type of yoga it is, but every time at the end during Savasana, when everything is still and my mind is clear…..I cry.

It’s not like I’m bawling my eyes out or crazy sobbing in the corner. I am just lying there or floating on the silks, silently having some tears. I have kept this secret from everyone until now. I have a few tears or more depending on the situation. Then I wipe them away before we all ‘wake up’ and the class is over.

I think of yoga as healing for me. I have been going through some difficult times and I think this meditation is realising some of the anxiety, tension and stress built up inside of me. All the stretching and poses open my body up to feel it. I don’t know how common it is for people to cry at the end of yoga, or maybe during it but I thought it was time to share my feelings. It opens an emotional floodgate for me that no other exercise has ever done. I’m not sure if this will continue through my yoga journey, or just help me through some hard times.

Maybe they need to start a yoga class called cry yoga. I think we all need an outlet at times and why not do it together. If anyone else has a similar experience during yoga, I would love to hear about it.


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