What I have learnt since I quit my job to travel 6 months on

Moving overseas and living a wandering lifestyle has taught me things about myself and life. Six months on there has been some ups and downs. By far it was the best decision I have made in my life and I have not regretted one minute of it. My hope is that I am working towards my perfect version of what I want in my life. I thought I knew what this was before leaving but I am slowly discovering what I really like, need and want in my day to day.

Less Stuff
When I left Australia back in May, I had so much stuff. Every possible situation was thought about when it came to packing my suitcases. I smuggled close to 20kgs onboard when the limit was 7kg. The stress that comes with airport check-ins has followed me around since then. When I was back in Australia in November, I went through everything I had packed. There was a new pile of donations and also another bag for storage. Clothes that didn’t even fit me were in my luggage, along with items I may wear once. Every day I still think I can get rid of more, and I have. I watched the minimalist movie (highly recommended) and it inspired me to go through my luggage again and look for more things I haven’t used in the past 6 months. Living with less I find so freeing and would never want to go back to having any kind of clutter or stuff that has no purpose or adds value to my life. On the down low, I may still have a couple of 2XU leggings that don’t fit me yet, but I am working on that body.

Tiny Apartments
Before I left, I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment and at the time, I am sure I still wished for more space. My clothes were in a spare room and my ex had our bedroom’s wardrobe. The amount of clothes and stuff I had feels overwhelming to look back on. The less space I have, the easier everything feels. Cleaning is easier, keeping things in order is easier. I just downgraded to a room that is 23 square meters which suit me just fine. Tiny homes are the way forward, less clutter, less mess and less stress. My days are spent dreaming of Van life, which would be the only way to downsize from what I am living in now.

As much as I thought I didn’t like going to work, I now know that I appreciate some form of routine. The first few months I was away, I didn’t feel happy like I thought I should. I mean, I didn’t have to wake up at any particular time, didn’t have work to go to or have anywhere to be. Being carefree and having that freedom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I found that I need some structure to my day. The reason behind this is to feel fulfilment and that my life is not just drifting along. The other is to ensure my new life is not spent wasting the days away on watching a shit load of amazing tv shows that I keep finding online. If there was a gold medal for binge watching, I would win. If you ever need any tv show recommendations, I am your woman for that job. Anyways back to routine, I try to make sure each day has a variety. I like to have some form of exercise, which is currently Muay Thai. Time assigned to working on business education, so that one day I will be making money online. I have time towards my own learning, whether that is Spanish lessons or reading about a topic I am interested in. A bit of fun, or just free time to do whatever I feel like is essential. Tv time is now allocated for after 8 pm. I find it the best way for me to wind down my day.

Burn all the Bras
Ok, so maybe we don’t need to go that extreme and burn all the bras but this is one item I have overpacked. Not wearing a bra, is my new favourite thing. It’s not like I need one for support, I don’t have big boobs, so why have I spent all these years wearing one. If I am just with my partner for the day, I will likely be wearing a top that isn’t white so I can not wear one. During exercise, I do wear a sports bra, not really for support but to avoid hard nipples being a distraction to myself and anyone looking my way. If I am going out to dinner with friends I will probably wear one just to give me a nicer shape but that’s something I am sure I will get over and soon be free boobing 24/7.

Activewear is King
If you didn’t already know this, you may have been living under a rock the past few years. In Melbourne, most of my free time was spent in activewear, because hello, comfort is something precious when you get older. I can wear sneakers without feeling like a goober and not have a sore back from wearing thongs. My havi wearing days are numbered. They are good for short trips but if I am walking all day, activewear really the only option. When I was back in Australia in November, I stocked up to ensure I would be covered. You don’t need to spend money on expensive activewear either, my favourite items are from Kmart, Target and Big W.

Me Time
This is something I am still working on. As much as spending 24/7 with your partner can be fun, it can also lead to some silly arguments. Alone time, can come in two forms for me. One is, me just doing my own thing but still in the same room as my partner. The other is getting out of the house, ok we live in apartments and hotels but it’s easier to call it a house or home. Going for a walk, or ride or a meal alone is key. As difficult as it may be to pull myself away from my girl, it’s needed for us to survive. It’s nice to miss them and have a story to tell, if there was something random that happened when you were apart. I can’t imagine anyone being in a healthy relationship that didn’t include some time apart.

My new life of travelling around the world is continually teaching me new things about myself and I can’t wait to see what will come my way next. Is there anything you have learnt about yourself from being a wandering traveller?


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