The Face Tattoo That Wont Get You Fired

There are lots of fun changes I am making to my health and wellbeing. I am also making some body and face changes. Nope, this does not mean plastic surgery. Some good old fashioned hard work in the gym for my body and some semi permanent tattoo for my face. Face tattoo…sounds scary huh. No need to fear I am not joining a local gang, I am getting my eyebrows microbladed. I have been looking into this procedure for the past 10 months and have found someone who I am confident will do a good job. For those who don’t know me, I am super blonde and my eyebrows are probably even more blonde than my hair. I am too lazy to draw them on and rarely wear makeup so I thought why not get them without the everyday hassle. I am a bit nervous to see what I look like every day with darker eyebrows and really hope it’s not Helga from Hey Arnold. Knock on wood.

Today I am getting my eyebrows tinted in preparation so they look as natural as possible once the tattoo has been done. I have given up exercise for the next 12 days for recovery as you need to avoid sweating, it’s a hard life but someone has to do it. Right now I am more excited than nervous. This past year I have shaved the back of my head, gone platinum blonde, shaved the sides of my head and got my first tattoos. A year for big fun changes that I have not regretted one bit. So long blonde non-existent eyebrows, it has been nice not seeing you but it’s time for a change.

Part two is coming…


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