Hangover Pizza

Let me just say the photos from this pizza are not my best work. It was 2010 and I was using a digital camera that cost 50 bucks, not exactly the iPhones and Samsungs of today. With that out the way, I present to you the Ultimate Hangover Pizza. There are a few steps in order to make this pizza a success.

Step 1. Get Drunk. This is not a definite requirement but can you really eat this not hungover without giving yourself a gut ache.

Step 2. Acquire ingredients, pizza base, tomato paste, cheese, bacon, medium fries and three cheeseburgers. These ingredients may be best bought in advance as no-one wants to go shopping with a hangover.

Step 3. Lather tomato paste, cheese and fries on the base of the pizza to make sure it’s all covered evenly.


Step 4. Place cheeseburgers on before you shove them down your mouth because if you are hangover you are probably hungry AF!

Step 5. Chuck your bacon on top, coz no hangover meal is complete without bacon. Lastly, sprinkle a whole bag of cheese over the monstrous creation


Step 6. Put in an oven at 180c until the cheese has melted, around 20mins

Step 7. Cut that bad boy up and eat it with no regrets

Step 8. Take a long nap, all those carbs have put you into a sweet hangover food coma

You’re Welcome



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